SUPER Midsize Jets

Capable of traveling with up to 9 passengers, Super Midsize Jets are the ideal solution for flights within a 5.5hour range.

Average Seating Capacity: 9
Average Range: 3,400 miles
Average Speed: 532mph
Average Luggage Capacity: 110 cubic feet

Aircraft Models
Citation X
Citation Sovereign
Hawker 1000
Hawker 4000
Challenger 300/350
Gulfstream G200/280

Citation X

The Citation X is a super-medium size jet that is most recognized as the fastest production civilian aircraft available. With a coast to coast non-stop range, the Citation X is one of the most thrilling and prestigious business aircraft available for charter. In its typical configuration the aircraft carries up to eight passengers and two pilots.  

The development of the Citation X began in 1990; the first prototype was rolled out in 1993 closely followed by the first production aircraft roll out in 1994. The Citation X achieved the FAA certification in May1996 and the first aircraft was delivered the same year to golfer ArnoldPalmer.

Falcon 2000

Dassault announced the Falcon 2000, originally called theFalcon X, in 1989. The development of the aircraft was carried out by Dassault in partnership with Alenia. The aircraft’s first flight was in 1993 and it entered service in 1995. Over 220 aircraft have been delivered. The forward part of the passenger cabin is arranged as a four-seat lounge. 

The rear part of the cabin is set out with a two-seat sofa and four seats. The cabin is 1.88m high, 2.34m wide and the cabin floor has a length of 7.98m. The 3.79m3 pressurized baggage compartment is externally loaded, internally accessible and stows up to 725kg.

Citation Sovereign

The Citation Sovereign was developed during the late 90’s to fill Citations need for an aircraft larger than the Excel. With a longer range at 3,000 nautical miles and a baggage capacity that can easily accommodate luggage along with golf bags or ski equipment, the Citation Sovereign is one of the most capable and luxurious aircraft available for charter.  

The typical seating configuration will seat up to 9passengers and fly non-stop from Los Angeles to Hawaii with ease.

Falcon 50

The Dassault Falcon 50 is the super medium size sibling to the Falcon 900 family of aircraft. Also featuring the tri-engine design, theFalcon 50 is highly regarded for its long range. 

3,600 nautical miles will carry up to 9 passengers and luggage comfortably from New York to Los Angeles non-stop. The Falcon 50 was replaced by the Falcon 50EX in 1996 and the last of which was delivered in2008.

Gulfstream G200/280

The Gulfstream G200 super mid-size intercontinental business jet made its debut in the year 2000, two years after a prototype of the aircraft appeared. The G200 can be configured for up to 9 passenger configuration that includes a conference/dining table for four, with a three-seat divan opposite.  

The G200 has a cabin height of 6ft 3in and a width of 7ft2in, allowing cabin configurations more common in the largest business aircraft. With a range of 3,400 nautical miles, the Gulfstream G200 is ideal for long range flights.

Hawker 1000

The Hawker 1000 was first introduced in 1990 as a slightly larger version of the Hawker 800A. With a longer range and stretched fuselage, the Hawker 1000 can fly from coast to coast non-stop with up to 9 passengers.

Challenger 300

The Challenger 300 is a medium size trans-continental business jet from Bombardier Aerospace of Canada. The aircraft carries up to eight passengers in a cabin with stand-up headroom over a non-stop range of 3,100nm, i.e. coast to coast range across America, using a take-off airfield length of less than 5,000ft. The business-class cabin provides a working environment to corporate executive standards.  

The passenger cabin has an area of 13.28m2 and seats eight business passengers in double-club seating. The cabin can alternatively be configured with a 16-seat high-density interior. The cabin is fitted with tracked swiveling recliner seats each with a table, a power point and a telephone point.