ultra long range jets

Capable of traveling with up to 16 passengers. Ultra Long Range Jets are the ideal solution for flights within a
12-hour range.

Average Seating Capacity: 16
Average Range: 7,500 miles
Average Speed: 560 MPH
Average Luggage Capacity: 209 cubic feet

Aircraft Models
Gulfstream G55
Gulfstream G650
Global Express
Global 6000/7000/8000
Global Express XRS
Falcon 7X

Global Express XRS/5000

The Global Express is the ultra long-range business jet developed by Bombardier Aerospace. Bombardier has developed the ultra long-range Bombardier Global Express XRS, which adds forward fuel tank to extend the range to 11,390km (6,150nm) at Mach 0.85. The aircraft also has a ew "zero-flaps" take-off ability, which will allow access to more "hot and high" airports. The first flight of the aircraft took place in January 2005 and it entered service in December 2005. The Global Express XRS is the current production model. The 14.73m long cabin is heated and air-conditioned. An Ultra Electronics active noice and vibration-cancellation system ensures quiet condition in flight.

The cabin can be laid out for 8 to 19 passengers. Customized interior layouts can include office, stateroom or conference-style areas. The baggage compartment at the rear of the cabin is accessible in flight. The port side at the front of the cabin has airstairs. The new Global Express XRS has improved cabin pressurization and an additional two cabin windows, one located fore and the other aft. A new lighting system using light-emitting diode (LED) technology provides more ambient cabin lighting.

Gulfstream GV/550

The Gulfstream GV/550 is an ultra long range business jet that is the successor to the Gulfstream GIV. Entering production in 1997, the GV has a 6,000 nautical mile range and can seat up to 16 passengers depending on the owners configuration. At the time, the GV held the title for the longest range available in a business aircraft. The most recent variant, the G550, made its debut in 2003 with increased performance and a range of 6,750 nautical miles.

One of the most notable features of the G550, is the EVS or Enhanced Vision System, this system is comprised of an infrared camera which displays an image on a heads up display, allowing the aircraft to land in very low visibility conditions. The Gulfstream GV/550 has also attained an iconic status in business, transporting executives from companies like Nike and other household business names.